CREE! Put a pause in your day

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As kids we used to say CREE! to put a pause on a game of tag or stuck and pull in the school yard but nowadays do we still use the term effectively in our own lives? Unfortunately, no, I mean for me its a definite no, the more you stay seated, hard at work and playing with the idea of a vacation, but nothing changes you're just becoming more wary. I think its imperative that you take some time out of the day that's just for you. 

I only noticed this the other day, I work in an "xtreme" environment which is fast paced, a ton of moving parts that require immense amounts of energy to keep up with shifting personalities and yet I barely find time to eat, or just enjoy what I'm currently doing. So when I had the chance to invite a friend in for some photography of my work environment, I called it a content grab day. That content grab day was the best thing I could have ever done. It inspired me to create more, to interact more with my colleagues.

I know now, you may not think you need it but go for a content grab day, a break, a pause or just yell CREE! and you'll be reminded of that nostalgic moment you used it as a kid and that kid is still a part of you, so put a pause on your hellish days with CREE!

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