Spring 2021 is Coming!

2020 athletic bright rude spring vibrant yuhtoobright

What can you expect? What are the new arrivals like? When will they be announced?

Well to be honest, the first major announcement is that we have a new website. We recently, updated the website so that our customers can get a better shopping experience on our site. We had some tweaks here and there to make but we realized as our ideas grew last year, the site couldn't manage the catalog so we upgraded our site to hold everything and now it's not only faster but its less cumbersome.

Secondly, what can you expect for this year, well we'll be doing away with some apparel, adding some new things to the mix, we listened to our customers and we've come up with the changes that will work for the brand and our customers. We decided this year's focus would be unity, we've all had a hard year in 2020 so we wanted to make sure yuhtoobright would be united not only as our team grows but as our brand grows as well. We also thought that our clothing had to be unified also so there will be a few changes coming. 

There will be new collections and added content for the collections we have already. We can't wait to unveil them all but we'll be dropping some in the first week of February. 

Stay tuned and thanks for getting bright with us. 

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